Total Token Supply :
150000000 SMB SWAP
Hardcap Private sale:
90000000 SMB SWAP
Hardcap Public sale :
60000000 SMB SWAP

Crypto currency market situation

Stakeholder in the crypto currency market face many challenges today, long term holders see their rewards being vaporized, trading poses high risks and requires a strong skillset and experience in trading. Also Mining/Cloud Mining facing a rough time, no longer providing a safe alternative to long term holding and investing.

Bitcoin Mining Companies like Hashflare or Gigawatt are shutting down due to insolvency. So whether you are a long-term Stakeholder, trader, or miner, the current market conditions make it very hard to rewards in the Crypto Currency Industry. A new approach is needed.


SIMBCOIN SWAP (SMB SWAP) offers a new amazing and unique approach to investing in the crypto sphere, generating rewards from tangible luxurious markets such real estate, integrated by eco-sustainable energy and extraordinary form of BTC crypto-mining.

Low costs in fees for mining stable rewards also in the face of difficulty increases The business generates reward in other areas, even a sustained bear market cannot affect the rewards of the program, as this, is the case with most crypto projects

Low cost estate

Simbcoin swap's targets the lowest possible electricity rates via solar panels

New projects

SimbCoin Swap is managed by leading Global investment Trading industry experts

Smart real estate

We’ve chosen the best locations with minimal expenses and supply reliability for each division

Caution BTC volatility

Even if SMB SWAP drops, your investment in SimbCity will still generates return


Global Investment Trading has already proven its portfolio, deals with the holding and managing of many products such as Liyeplimal (Private investment Fund system), Limarket (Cameroon e-commerce platform), Limarketmada (Madagascar e-commerce platform), Real estate, Liportal (Dubai e-commerce platform), Simtrex (Crypto Currency Exchange System) Global Investment Trading company handle different projects with 100% success rate in all its dealings , SimbCoin Swap is giving to anybody the UNIQUE chance to participate in the activities and business of the company.

SIMBCOIN SWAP(SMB SWAP) is a Token based on the Ethereum ERC20 system, an intelligent contract technology in Blockchain. In the operation of this technology, the mining is not essential. A token contract deployed on Ethereum is a smart-contract like any other, simply containing a register designating the owners of tokens of the contract and managing all the transfers of these tokens by updating said register.


For example, if X sends a transfer transaction of 100 tokens to Y, the contract modifies its register to reduce the total number of tokens of X by 100 and at the same time increase that of Y. So it is a question of intelligent register, hence the name Ethereum Request Comment (ERC20).



Real estate construction

Beginning of real estate construction with the chosen partner on tender.

Construction evaluation

Evaluation of the work for the first semester.

Construction evaluation

Evaluation of work for the first year.

Real estate public sales

Sales of T3 apartments

Evaluation of the work of construction

First year real estate construction evaluation for the first year

End of contructions

Evaluation of constructions after 18 months of work.

Equipment of the apartments

Furniture installation.

Effectiveness and Inauguration

Effectives apartments loans to public


5th, January 2021

Simbcoin Swap enlisted at Latoken | Get your token in public market

Simbcoin Swap enlisted at Latoken | Get your token in the public market. please go to this link to exchange yo
29th, November 2020

Dollar at its lowest - Goldman Sachs takes a serious look at cryptocurrencies.

The Sword of Damocles on the Dollar - Even the most hostile of the big banks are starting to change their mind
11th, August 2020

BITCOIN : A bullish technical breakout to be confirmed

The price of Bitcoin, after the ETH coin, gives a bullish technical signal by breaking the resistance at $10.5
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