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Top Cryptocurrency in the World

admin 29th, November 2020
Top Cryptocurrency in the World

Top Cryptocurrency in The World by Market Cap

Are you looking to invest in the ‘best cryptocurrency in world’? The best way to determine the world best cryptocurrency is by looking at the market cap. The following are currently the top digital currencies in the market by market cap at the time of writing this article.


Bitcoin continues to be the most popular as well as the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. This was the first cryptocurrency created, which is one of the reasons why the currency is so dominant. Purchasing Bitcoin is also very easy for beginners. It is supported by many of the top wallets and exchanges, making it easily available. Many eCommerce websites such as, Bloomberg and have also started accepting it as a form of payment.


This is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the market. One of the things that have made this a top cryptocurrency is its use in smart contracts. It has also been pushed to the top as a result of the provision of a platform on which decentralized apps can be developed.


This unique cryptocurrency was designed to resolve the problems related to making international payment transfers. It was founded with the aim of making international transactions cheap, fast and easier. With Ripple, international money transfers can be done in a few seconds.

Ripple Labs (the company that is behind the cryptocurrency) owns 50 billion out of the 1000 billion Ripple coins in existence.

Bitcoin Cash

This cryptocurrency is based on Bitcoin. It was designed with the aim of solving the issues that the original Bitcoin has in regard to transaction fees and scalability. Transactions with Bitcoin Cash are much faster and fees are lower than with the original Bitcoin.

SimbCoin (SMB)

SIMBCOIN (SMB) is a token based on the Ethereum ERC20 system, an intelligent contract technology in Blockchain. In the operation of this technology, the mining is not essential.

Invest in top cryptocurrency in the world and best cryptocurrency in world

Thus, the new asset management system tokens in regulation offers a maximum level of security, which want that when buying a token, it is about a share of the corresponding share of the issuing company, because behind all token is a project, hence the type of token that is SIMBCOIN.

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