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Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019

admin 16th, September 2019
Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019

The Best Real Estate Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2019

Are you wondering what cryptocurrency to invest in this year? Many people who are just starting out in cryptocurrency investment find it difficult to determine how best to invest in cryptocurrency. Even those investors that have been in the game for a while may find it challenging to diversify their portfolios.

If you’re looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019, you should consider those listed below.


This is by far the most popular cryptocurrency on the market and with good reason. It was the first-ever cryptocurrency invented and continues to dominate the market. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, this is probably the first cryptocurrency you’ll encounter.

Bitcoin currently has a 40% share of the cryptocurrency market capital. It is definitely the best crypto to invest in 2019. If you’ve decided to invest in cryptocurrencies, then investing in Bitcoin is a good starting point.


Ethereum is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in the market. In 2017, this cryptocurrency grew by 3000% and placed second only to Bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency in the marketplace. The price of Ethereum rose to its highest in the beginning of 2018.

You may be wondering if this cryptocurrency has reached its peak and whether it is the best crypto to buy 2019. The truth is that no one knows whether the peak price we saw in 2018 was the highest for Ethereum. However, there are lots of new developments in terms of technology that we expect to see in the coming years. It is, therefore, one of the best coins to invest in 2019.


Any list for the top cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 would not be complete without Litecoin. This cryptocurrency was based on Bitcoin in a bid to improve Bitcoin’s technology. It has seen some significant growth over the last two years. It grew by about 8000% in 2017.

It was the first cryptocurrency to perform transactions on the Lightning Network. The first transaction saw the 0.00000001 Litecoin transferred to San Francisco from Zurich in under one second. When this network goes live, the price of Litecoin is bound to increase. The sky is the limit for this cryptocurrency, making it one of the best crypto investment 2019 or best crypto to invest in now.

SimbCoin (SMB)

Simbcoin is a revolutionary online currency. SIMBCOIN has a unique position in the African market, which allows it to offer a hotel and real estate crypto fund investment opportunity. Here you will learn how to buy simbcoin online and sell simbcoin.

Simbcoin is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in now. It is based on smart real estate tokenization cryptocurrency.

These are the three best coins to invest in 2019 and the best crypto investment today. However, there are many other alternate coins you can consider to further diversify your portfolio.

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