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BITCOIN : A bullish technical breakout to be confirmed

admin 11th, August 2020
BITCOIN : A bullish technical breakout to be confirmed

The price of Bitcoin, after the ETH coin, gives a bullish technical signal by breaking the resistance at $10.500. It must be confirmed at the monthly closing of Friday july 31.

Key technical factors of the articles :

-After the bullish technical signals from ether, the price of Bitcoin finally aligns and exceeds the technical resistance of $10000/10,500, with a bullish gap on the futures contract.

-WARNING : This bullish signal must be confirmed by preserving i tat the monthly close of Friday july 31st.

Firtly, the bullish technical signals given by the Ether coin since mid-july and its very often precursor role for BTC. Then, the fall of the US dollar which is the dominant tehnical factor of the summer on the foreign exchange market and which produces a bullish effect on te price of gold and silver. By the way, the ounce of gold set a new all-time high yesterday and silver went from $18 to 25 in two weeks.

         As the ETH/USD rate hit its highs last year, it was finally bitcoin’s price that gave a bullish technical signal on Monday, breaking through major resistance at $10,000 / 10,500.

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