pourquoi investir dans un appartement meublé ?

Découvrez les formidables récompenses réservées aux investisseurs immobilier avec SimbCoin

Discover the great real estate Stakeholder rewards with SimbCoin Swap

SIMBCOIN SWAP has a unique position in the African market, which allows it to offer a hotel and real estate stake opportunity offering our owners all the advantages of a booming sector. We build iconic hotels, luxury furnished apartments in high demand areas and we sell rooms and suites to private individuals. 

You do not have to be Cameroonian or African to invest with simbcoin swap, you just need to buy your parts to the height that suits you and you will receive your reward wherever you are in the world.

A team to accompany you in your choice

Our relationship with you does not end with handing over a set of keys. Indeed, investing in a superb real estate property with us marks the beginning of an exciting adventure, where the rewards go far beyond just a lucrative profitability. We are proud to offer our owners something truly special, which exceeds the promise of exceptional developments and attractive profits.

First and foremost, we offer you the unique opportunity to enjoy a real estate Stake without any effort or hassle. Thanks to our dedicated Asset Management team and our unique Wealth Creator program, you never have to worry about recovering your real estate profits. We take care of every aspect of your real estate Stake, from legal papers to management and maintenance, to marketing and leasing. Acquiring your property also gives you access to some of the most exclusive privileges on the market. Our clients are our number one priority and to show you how important our real estate Stakeholders is to us, we have created a range of rewards to make your life easier and, most importantly, to reward you in the best possible way. The rewards for our real estate Stakeholders do not stop there. We have also devised one of the most distinctive awards and recognition programs on the market, called Proprietary Privileges. A Stake with us offers you automatic membership to this exclusive rewards program. Privilege Owners members can enjoy lucrative cash rewards by making recommendations from future Stakeholders with our simbcoin swap token and enjoying access to an exclusive travel concierge service to make their future visits to Kribi even more memorable.

Staking plan

There are 3 different types of Stakeholders to choose from. The choice of packages for private Stakeholders must be chosen no later than janvier 31, 2021, as the Stake reward will begin on February 1, 2021. Stakeholder in participative funds may choose their type of Stake from the beginning of the process. Once the package has been selected and confirmed, there is no option for early termination of the Stakeing Packages.

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