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Bitcoin is an internationally recognized value as the future of finance. Capitalization of the crypto-stock market to date (September 2019) amounts to $ 268,048,326,540 of assets; with a daily transaction volume of $ 50,788,579,480 which turns out to be colossal for a market in just 10 years of existence. It includes 2647 crypto currencies so far, so many projects backed by each of these currencies; some are excellent, others are much less, leading to market risks for investors. Simbcoin is $ 150,000,000 of capitalization, an entry to $ 1 on private sale, a forecast of $ 100 over 3 years, a large and considerable mass of the market.


In general, behind each crypto currency rests a project. This determines the quality of the currency at the base. We will then observe the standard of the project, the community, the utility of the currency, its capitalization, its transaction volume in 24 hours, and the platforms that change it. This is called in crypto trading, a « fundamental analysis ». Simbcoin satisfactorily answers all these criteria of fundamental analysis. Indeed SimbCoin is a solid project, based on the real estate tokenization of a smart city: SIMBCITY. 280 furnished and unfurnished apartments in low cost luxury, a landscaped beach, an aquatic park with animal species (the only one in Africa), a Mall, playgrounds, a pleasure boat, a private jet, two helicopters & para touristic activities. His main community is a smart investment public, already customers of our private investment fund and active on our investment product '' Liyeplimal ''. Simbcoin SMB is an '' utility token '' because it is the currency of any purchase in simbcity. If you want to pay for your nigthroom, a restaurant or even clothing, you will need to have our app and pay in Simbcoin. Its capitalization is $150,000,000 and its daily trading volume will be exponential, as we expect between 1,000 and 1,800 people a day in SimbCity, a minimum figure that could be doubled each year with Simbcity duplication in other countries. strong eco-tourism potential; in addition to trading online platforms. The real estate Tokenization of a smart city is a powerful economic model in the cryptocurrency industry.

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