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admin 29th, April 2020

            To cope with the great recession caused by the coronavirus crisis, the US government is implementing an expansionary policy through the injection of $ 10 trillion into the economy. Robert Kiyosaki, for his part, believes that adopting Bitcoin is a better alternative.

The best of assets

            Known for writing "Rich Dad Poor Dad", the world's best-selling personal finance book, Kiyosaki said in his tweet that the coronavirus pandemic will boost the value of bitcoin.    

            Although the flagship cryptocurrency went through difficult times when its value was close to $ 3,700 in mid-March, its unexpected recoveries mean that the asset has all the potential to become the best investment today.

            According to the businessman, it is undeniable that gold has always been the reserve asset par excellence, but with the emergence of Bitcoin, this privileged place of gold assets will soon be granted to this new major competitor. Indeed, the rarity of the precious metal is not absolute compared to that of Bitcoin which is well measurable.
            If the production of gold is fixed by human time, that of Bitcoin is capped at 21 million. In addition, bitcoin mining is not done by voluntary manipulation and depending on the circumstances, so investors can trust this type of asset.

Defeat the current system

            To dodge the current health crisis, governments and central banks indulge in a classic solution by establishing neo-feudalism. Kiyosaki, for his part, denounces this situation and awakens the collective conscience by proposing bitcoin.

            The pattern that central banks would like to replicate endlessly is the establishment of a schism among economic players, so that only a minority owns the stocks and manages the financial market with an iron fist. The mass of the people will then be kept away and will not have a say.

            However, bitcoin moves independently of the precepts of state authorities, it presents itself as the best way to withdraw from this system.

            "The reason I approve Bitcoin is just for a delicate reason: you are not part of the system," he concluded.

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